Welcome to KC Things

Buyer and Seller of fine American Art Pottery, Vintage TV Lamps, Vintage Tiles, and Vintage Prints.

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Who We Are

KC Things has drastically reduced the number of shows in which we participate. Currently, we only participate in Antique Shows in Texas. We hope to add some Antique Shows in more Western states soon. Check our show schedule for a location near you.

If you are one of those who would prefer to see and touch the item versus buying or bidding online, check out our show schedule, then contact us with your mailing address. We will mail you a postcard. Some promoters' postcards include a discount off the admission charge.

Looking to Sell or Trade?

Contact Us. We are always looking for quality items to add to our selection.

What We Do

KC Things travels the country looking for quality pieces of American Art Pottery to add to our inventory. We have a large selection of; Ohio Potters - Roseville, Weller, Rookwood, McCoy, Owens, Peters & Reed, and Gonder; Arkansas Potters - Niloak and Camark; Oklahoma Potters - Frankoma; Texas Potter - Alamo; Colorado Potter - Van Briggle. Occasionally, we come across a Newcomb College to add to our inventory.

KC Things differs from other pottery dealers by carrying a broad mix of various potters' lines. Many dealers focus on the high end potters Newcomb College, Rookwood or Grueby. Still others only carry items from the more expensive lines of the various potters. We have a comprehensive mix of potters and their lines. We typically display over 200 items of our 3000+ inventory, from hand decorated Rookwood Vases to Alamo Planters.