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Buyer and Seller of fine American Art Pottery, Vintage TV Lamps, Vintage Tiles, and Vintage Kitchen Items.

KC Things Family



Ken started KC Things in 2002 after retiring from the University of Texas and the Leander Public Library. He fell in love with pottery at the tender age of 14 when he bought his first piece of Van Briggle. Thus, it was a natural hobby to occupy his time.

He began going to auctions and estate sales and slowly gathering an inventory of McCoy, Texas Pottery and Vintage Kitchen. Now he had some stuff, what to do with it?

He leased a space at Fredericksburg Trade Days (FTD) and began selling the items he had found. Over the years more lines of pottery were added and the inventory grew. However, FTD was not exactly the best market for the higher end pottery. So in 2011 he took to the road and began showing the items at Antique Shows throughout the central United States.

Ken's knowledge includes the Weller, Rookwood, Owens, McCoy, Van Briggle, Alamo, Niloak, Gilmer, Robinson Ransbottom and Peters & Reed pottery lines.



Rick joined KC Things in 2009. He started by helping Ken at FTD and at Texas Antiques Week in Warrenton Texas. He retired from Dell and needed something to keep him busy. He started the electronic inventory, takes care of the books and the web site.

Rick knows the Roseville, Hull and Camark pottery lines.

Rick has spent the last two years learning about website design and coding as well as photography. He has learned HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and Javascript. See Website Notes for notes regarding the tools and resources used.



Bandit, a Miniature Schnauzer, entered the family on September 29, 2011 while at the Texas Antiques Week show in Warrenton. Some friends had decided they wanted a puppy and they brought back this cute little guy for us to see. After one lick, that was it. We had to have him. He has proven to be a joyous addition!

Bandit has been with us at shows since he joined the family. He behaves well, for the most part. But, every now and then, he just has to let everyone know he is there. Unfortunately, his bark, though not ferocious can startle you. If you are holding a delicate piece of glass, that could be a problem. He no longer attends the February Houston Glass Show as we have been moved to the "Glass" side of the show. The August Houston Glass Show, we are on the "General Antiques" side, and he may attend.

Bandit is paws-itively an expert on dog biscuits.

We don't spoil him at all. ☺

We'd love to meet you!

Ken and Rick are available at every show to help you with your selection. We love to discuss pottery. We are very knowledgeable with regards to our respective lines.

Bandit is also present to greet you at some venues.