Welcome to KC Things Frequently asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive along with their answers. You may find them helpful.


Catalog Mode

Why do I see "Catalog Mode: Purchasing Disabled"?
In some cases we are attending shows for almost two weeks and unable to fill your order. In order to avoid problems in processing your payment, we disable the ability to purchase. We also used it when we initially published the new site in order to get it online while we finished up some backend details.


Why are some candle holders sold as a pair while others are sold separately?
In some cases, it is simply that we only have one candle holder. In others, we will not pair them if there are obvious differences in color and/or detail.
How come there are so few items?
In order to get this new design on-line without further delay, we elected to start off with between 125 and 200 items. We hope to add as much as 25 items per week until all our inventory is visible.
"Click to Enlarge" results in data usage of 1.5MB per product.
The "Click to Enlarge" feature can be activated by clicking on the text "Click to Enlarge" or by clicking on the image. On Desktop browsers the first image shown will be an enlarged image. However, Mobile users may not see that first image enlarged due to the image being scaled down to fit their screen. But, that first image provides a gateway for the "Click to Zoom" feature which will pre-load 5 images whose file sizes vary between 100KB and 250KB each.

Product Lines

Sometimes I see information related to the line and other times I don't?
  1. If you select an item, when viewing under an "All" category, you are taken directly to the item's detail page. In this case, the line information is not shown. If you select the line name, just under the menu item "Shows", the line information will be shown along with all items under that category.
  2. In other cases, Pottery companies did not classify their items under specific line names. In these cases, we have grouped the items in what we believe are logical groupings.


Why can I not place a back-order?
Each piece is unique. Though we may have more than one of a particular item, each will have its own characteristics and be given a unique ordering SKU. This ensures you see what you will get. We gladly accept wish-lists requests via Contact Us.
I saw an item last week and now it is gone.
In most cases, the item has been sold. Our policy is to not show "sold" items. In other cases, we may have discovered an issue or removed it for the purposes of cleaning it. Photographs sometimes reveal a lot more detail than one can casually see.
How can I remove items from my "Cart"?
If you wish to remove a single item, select the "Remove This Item" button. If you wish to remove all items, select the "Remove All Items" button in the header.
How can I cancel my order?
  1. If you have not proceeded to the "Checkout" page, select the "Remove All Items" button.
  2. If you are on the "Checkout" page, but have not submitted payment, you can select "View Cart". It appears just below KC Things - Am Art Pottery towards the upper left of your screen. This will take you back to the "Shopping Cart" where you then select the "Remove All Items" button.
  3. If you have gone beyond submitting payment or completed "Checkout" go to Order Support or call 512-639-1916.
When is my credit card actually charged?
Your credit card is not actually charged until we are ready to ship your item.


Please see our Return Policy
Our Return Policy covers the requirements and limitations for returning an item.


This section is for questions not answered in our Shipping Policy
Our Shipping Policy covers such topics as Destinations, Turnaround Times, Carriers, Order Tracking, Shipping Rates and Back Orders.
Can I ship an order to a different address?
  1. Yes. During checkout, on Checkout Step 2 "Address & Account Details"; Be sure the check-box beside "Shipping address the same as billing?" is NOT selected; then enter the name and address under the "Shipping Information" area. Select the button "Confirm & Continue".
  2. CAUTION: If you select the check-box beside "Shipping address the same as billing?", the information in the "Shipping Information" fields will be replaced with the information from the "Billing Information" fields and then locked.
Can I ship items on one order to multiple addresses?
No. Unfortunately, we do not have that capability, yet. A new order would need to be created for each shipment with the appropriate "Shipping Information".
Why do I see a message "KC Things site is in Catalog Mode"?
KC Things travels throughout the year. Either to participate in Antique Shows or on a buying trip. If you are viewing the product pages, after we have left on a trip and before we have returned, this message will be displayed. Purchasing is disabled until we return and are able to process your order in a timely manner.


Why is the color of my vase lighter/darker than the photograph on my monitor?
The color shown on your monitor/display can be affected by many variables. Chief among them are your brightness, contrast, color settings and ambient light as well as the lighting conditions under which the photograph was taken. There will be some slight variation between the actual item and what you see on the monitor/display. We do not and will not saturate the color as some sites do.
Do you use Photoshop or some other editing software to fix blemishes in the photographs?
No. We use Photoshop to adjust various properties to achieve the closest true color possible. We also will use it to enlarge, crop, or adjust the orientation, if necessary.
How can I view high resolution photographs?
Contact Us and we will be happy to email you the high resolution photographs.


The site looks different on my home computer versus my work computer, why?
Earlier versions of Internet Explorer, before Internet Explorer 10, do not handle all the design properties in use today. Due to the small number of users on versions 6 through 8 we elected not to spend the time creating the exact same experience. See "Progressive Enhancement".
The site is not working on my handheld device, why?
  1. The site has been tested on Mobile Browser iOS Safari 7 and up. If something does not work and you are using a handheld device, please use the Contact Us form and let me know your device name, browser name and version and, if possible, your Operating System.
  2. Early versions of Android and Safari do not handle SVG graphics, which were used extensively on this site. A fallback of PNG images is provided and should display. See "Progressive Enhancement".
How come the "Click to Zoom" feature does not work?
In versions of Internet Explorer less than 9 the feature does not work or works intermittently. See "Progressive Enhancement".
Progressive Enhancement
  1. Philosophy of web design, whereby the user is given a functional site in as many older browsers as is reasonably possible, but the experience becomes richer in more modern browsers that support the many new properties that did not exist for the older browsers. This means the site will function in the older browsers but it may not look or function exactly the same as one would experience in more capable browsers.
  2. This site has been tested and will function in Desktop Browsers - Internet Explorer 9 through 11, and current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Users of Internet Explorer 11, and current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera will experience the site as it was meant to be experienced. It has also been tested using Mobile Browser iOS Safari 7 and up.