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Roseville: Pine Cone

Pine Cone - Middle Period - 1935

Pinecone was one of Roseville's most successful lines. Production began in 1935 of this matte glaze line. By the time production ceased in the early 1940s, there were over 70 different shapes. The line features pine cones, branches and needles on a smooth background of either, blue, light honey (most refer to it as brown) or green. Typically, those with a blue background had tan interiors, green had green interiors and the brown had very dark green interiors.

The jardinieres and a majority of the vases have smooth flat rims. Many of the baskets and bowls make use of the long sweeping curves with some having branches or needles protruding above the rim in graceful harmony.

Pine Cone began when Roseville was using the foil label. Thus, you will find many unmarked today. Those pieces produced between 1936 and 1939 will have the impressed "Roseville" script mark, which includes a form number - size. Those produced after 1939 have the raised (relief) "Roseville" script mark, which includes "U.S.A." and a form number - size.

Pieces with a shape number in the 400 range do not belong to this time period.

More in-depth detail is available in the book "Introducing Roseville Pottery" by Mark Bassett in the Bibliography.

Pinecone Jardiniere

Pinecone Jardiniere
Price: $175.00

Roseville Pinecone Jardiniere produced after 1938 in a matte brown