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Roseville: Rozane Line

Rozane Line - Early Period - 1917

There are approximately 30 shapes with a "dimpled" background. The background is typically either ivory, green, pink, blue or yellow. The colors vary in depth from piece to piece. Ivory and green are the most common and yellow the least. The line features richly embossed roses in shades of red, yellow, gray, blue and lavender with green leaves.

Most forms have smooth flat rims.

This line can be unmarked or marked in several fashions. One of which is, ink stamp "Roseville Pottery" in an arch over "Rozane". Some just have an ink stamp "Rozane" and a few just have an ink stamp of the form number - size.

This was the second to the last use of the name "Rozane". Roseville used it one more time in 1941. Numerous lines were produced in the early and mid 1900s that first used this name.

More in-depth detail is available in any one of the books in the Bibliography.

Rozane Candle Holder

Rozane Candle Holder
Price: $98.00

Roseville Rozane Line Candle Holder circa 1917