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Roseville: Zephyr Lily

Zephyr Lily - Late Period - 1946

There are approximately 50 shapes in this matte glaze line depicting a Lily with long slender leaves. The background has a swirl texture near the rim and base and came in brown, blue or green. The colors are usually darker at the rim and base. The blooms on the forms with brown or blue backgrounds were white and yellow. Those pieces with a green background had yellow and pink blooms.

Most forms, except the ewers, baskets and a couple of the bowls, have flat smooth rims.

This line typically has the raised (relief) "Roseville" script mark, followed by "U.S.A." and a form number - size.

More in-depth detail is available in any one of the books in the Bibliography.

Zephyr Lily Fan Vase

Zephyr Lily Fan Vase
Price: $165.00

Roseville Zephyr Lily Fan Vase circa 1946 in matte blue