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Roseville: Columbine

Columbine - Late Period - 1941

Roseville began production of matte glazed Columbine in 1941. There are approximately 40 different shapes. The line depicts Columbine blooms on a smooth background of blue blending to a darker blue with a yellow bloom, pink blending to green with a lighter pink bloom, pink blending to brown also with a lighter pink bloom or terra cotta blending to green with a blue bloom. The darker colors appear around the base.

Most of the forms have a scalloped rim. The exceptions being a couple of the vases, the baskets and most of the bowls.

This line typically has the raised (relief) "Roseville" script mark, which includes "U.S.A." and a form number - size.

More in-depth detail is available in any one of the books in the Bibliography.

Columbine Vase

Columbine Vase
Price: $155.00

Roseville Columbine Vase circa 1941 in matte blue