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Weller: Coppertone

Coppertone - Middle Period - Late 1920s

A striking matte finish mottled green background meant to resemble aging copper. Many of the forms include a frog and⁄or lily pads in some fashion.

The rims of this line vary. Many bowls and vases have a smooth rim. But there are smaller forms with ruffled or jagged lines.

This line can be found unmarked or with one of a variety of marks. "Weller Pottery" or "Weller Hand Made" by hand, or, the half kiln ink stamp "Weller Pottery".

More in-depth detail is available in any one of the books in the Bibliography.

Coppertone Matchstick Holder

Coppertone Matchstick Holder
Price: $350.00

Weller Coppertone Matchstick Holder circa 1920 matte green and yellow