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Weller: Ardsley

Ardsley - Middle Period - 1920 to 1928

A fetching matte finish line with the molded grass or reed appearance associated with narrow leaf "Cattails". The forms' background are largely green with spots of blue, white and yellow on the florals and brown on the Cattails.

The rims of the vases and large flaring bowls typically depict the individual reed tips.

This line can be found unmarked or with a variety of marks - the die impressed "Weller", either the full kiln ink stamp or half kiln ink stamp "Weller Pottey", or the circular ink stamp "Weller Ware".

More in-depth detail is available in any one of the books in the Bibliography.

Ardsley Water Lily Basket

Ardsley Water Lily Basket
Price: $450.00

Weller Ardsley Water Lily Basket circa 1920s in matte green and white