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Rookwood: Vellum

Vellum - 1904 to 1948

Rookwood began experiments with the "Vellum" glaze in 1900. It took three years before they achieved consistent success. Rookwood introduced the line to the public at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis in 1904. The greatest production of "Vellum" occurred between 1904 and 1929. Though, Rookwood used a "Vellum" glaze on commercial ware products while in Starksville Mississippi in the 1960s, those items are not considered a part of this line.

"Scenic Vellums"(landscapes) generally date between 1904 and 1929. "Venetian Vellums" (Seascapes) date between 1904 and 1927. Those of the floral and faunal variety were produced from 1904 through 1948.

More in-depth detail is available on page 71 in the book "Rookwood Pottery - The Glaze Lines" by Anita J. Ellis in the Bibliography.

Katherine Van Horne Vase

Katherine Van Horne Vase
Price: $425.00

Rookwood Vellum Vase circa 1910 in matte blue signed by Katherine Van Horne