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McCoy: Planters


McCoy produced a vast array of planters from simple unadorned forms in solid colors to the very ornate, which comprised of multiple pieces fired together. Pieces prior to the 1950s, were generally finished in matte glazes in various pastel colors. From the 1950s forward, pieces are generally finished in glossy glaze.

McCoy also made use of a technique referred to as "Cold Paint", which is the application of various colors to decorate details of the fired form and the piece does not go through another firing process. Care must be taken with these pieces, as vigorous cleaning can remove the decorative color.

More in-depth detail is available in any one of the books in the Bibliography.

Bird Dog Planter

Bird Dog Planter
Price: $285.00

McCoy Bird Dog Planter circa 1953

Deer with Fawn Planter

Deer with Fawn Planter
Price: $65.00

McCoy Deer with Fawn Planter circa 1950s in a glossy yellow, brown and green