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Pottery Organizations

KC Things is a member of these organizations.

American Art Pottery Association

A fabulous organization for all pottery lovers. They publish a Journal for members that includes information contributed by some of the foremost authorities on American Pottery. Though the Journal is for members only, there is helpful information for collectors at AAPA.

McCoy Pottery Collectors Society

If you love McCoy pottery, this is the organization for you. They publish a quarterly Journal that includes a treasure trove of information from other collectors as well as information on events and current activities. They have an extensive section on Fakes and Reproductions. as well as Misidentified as McCoy Pottery. They also include histories on the various McCoy's.

Hull Pottery Association

This is a wonderful organization for all lovers of Hull Pottery. They publish a quarterly newsletter, filled with information on Hull Pottery, their activities and events. They produce two shows a year, one of which is in Crooksville, OH during the Annual Pottery Lovers Reunion in Zanesville, OH. in July. They use a portion of their income to provide annual scholarships to two graduating Seniors of Crooksville High School.

Antique & Collectibles National Association

Though not directly related to Pottery, this organization is great for collectors or dealers looking for insurance on their collection or inventory. Homeowners Insurance does not usually cover collections or, coverage is limited to a dollar amount lower than the actual cost/value of your collection. They also offer other nice benefits for their members.

Pottery Resources

Resources not affiliated with their respective pottery companies.

Brush-McCoy Pottery

Brush-McCoy Pottery augments the Brush-McCoy reference books. Contains digitized copies of old Brush McCoy sales material. It does require a subscription fee, currently $19.99 for a 4 year subscription.

Van Briggle Pottery

Clem Marot Hull is an excellent companion to the Van Briggle reference books. It provides a lot of detail regarding colors, finishers, etc.